zondag 8 december 2013

From RustyZ to cleanZ!

Hey everyone, it’s a long time ago that I posted something, so today I have a big update for you. I’m getting closer every day, the car is looking great right now and I’m proud of the work I have done already. This is the step where all the crappy work is done and the nice work begins. I hope you like this post and please leave a comment below so I know you’re following my project, and I will post more updates!

I like the look of the 240z tail and I was recently with a guy who had a lot of Z parts. He had three sets of European tail lights from a 240z so I couldn't resist to buy the tail lights. Okay my car is a 280z but I like the lights so I started to make them fit on the Z.
Of course every screw on the lights was rusty and got stuck in the lights. I drilled the rusty screws out and replaced them whit these inbus bolts.
Got them fitted, the look is too sweet!
Back plates fit perfectly.

This picture shows what it will look like when the car is finished.

So I called the sandblasting company to make an appointment. The company blasts around 150 cars a year! They even had a Lamborghini Espada that needed to be blasted. They blasted the car with aluminum oxide so if there’s some aluminum oxide left in the car it won’t rust. They also blasted the car at a special angle.
So I made the car ready to get blasted.

Loaded the car on the car trailer

Aaaaaand the car is back! Wow it looks great! The painted the car in epoxy it’s a perfect base for the next paint steps.

They also did the doors, they are in the car on this picture.

Okay I took a lot of pictures of different spots. I think this needs no explanation just take a look!

When the Z was back from the sandblasting company I put the body back on the car spit. The next step was to cover every seam of the Z with Innotec sealer.

It´s a tough job and it takes a lot of time to cover every spot of the car.

I did the big seams with a brush to get the original look from the factory.

Here the fun part starts. I like the effect of the new cars with spray-sealer so I decided to spray the sealer on the places where stones can hit the body

Foil and tape to cover the car.

This is the first time I tried to do this, so I only had one chance to do it right!

The sealer gives the Z a professional look,
it stays soft and feels like rubber.
We also got this spray sealer on
the rally cars and it works great!  

And I tried to make a panorama picture so you can see what I spray sealed.

The next step I’m working on right now is to get the Z on a frame so I can work on the doors and fenders. I hope you liked this post and comments are always welcome!